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Engineer of the Year ==

enGinEer of the yEaR ==

Jared won the Golden Geer Award that is “given to the person that most embodies the spirit of Engineering”.
by yGumby March 16, 2010
(adj.) Totally cool, insanely awesome.
Monty Python, llamas, and ninjas are geer.
by Sebastian R. September 18, 2005
i geer is a scottish word for buttocks.
does my geer look big in this
by sandy duff September 06, 2007
Simply a complete dork who enjoys stalking the younger ladies.
Look at that geer! Why doesn't he just go away?
by Britney November 22, 2004
gray goose mixed with beer

best concoxion ever to be brewed in Ohio. (besides ruckus juice of course.)
lets brew up some geer and sell it to dare devils out of the bed of our truck!

They mixed up a whole bunch of geer the other night and ended up trying to hide a half-eaten potatoe in someones bathroom..
by CHEVROLET lady. February 23, 2011
It means shit
Omfg! I'm doing absolutely geer on Black Ops!
by littlemau5 July 31, 2011
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