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One who is obsessed with GOW and displays the following symptoms:

Red eyes

Fear of chainsaws

Uncontrolable urge to drop the F-bomb

Has gained the "Seriously..." achievement
Joe: Dude look at Mark, he is a total Gears of Whore, he's clocked in over 20,000 games of GOW.
by W0uldn't y0u like t0 kn0w? December 09, 2007
exp. A name given to Gears of War or Gears of War 2 by someone who is frantically enthusiastic about playing another game, so he yells "Gears of Whore!", while alone in his bedroom, thinking about gibbing his next victim with a gnasher shotgun.
Frantic Gamer: "I'm finna play a nex' game o' Gears of Whore!!!"
by eminutia January 20, 2010
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