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UNfair and UNbalanced bullshit that is only watched by close-minded gun-fuckers who are afraid of change.
Fox News gave my uncle cancer. ..
by A_K June 10, 2008
A silly Republican that is confused by teleprompters.
You know that, Bill O'Reilly? You need to shut up.
by A_K June 10, 2008
Advanced species known for their love of the movie Fight Club and their intense hatred of rabbits. It will take less than thirty of their dollars a day for planet-hoppers to see the universe.

Is that Altairian chasing rabbits on a mini-bike?
by A_K June 12, 2008
The noticably skinny offspring of hilariously overweight parents.
God must really hate that tezkr's parents. ..
by A_K June 10, 2008
1) Someone who is blind/ retarded enough to find the game "Gears of War" enjoiyable.

2) One who believes that steroid enduced, boring, two-dimensional characters and horrible story-development is good writing.

Dude, has he seriously been playing that rubbish pile this whole time? What a Gear of whore
by A_K June 11, 2008
A word made by gamers that displays a sign of small and insignificant genetalia.
Gears fan (aka, stupid): Dued, you're playing gaylo?

Halo fan (aka, awesomeness): Dued, you can't pleasure a woman?
by A_K June 11, 2008

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