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thats me!!! YAY ME!! i'm ugly as ferk tho!! lol... But, i get through day by day!!! U KNOW!!!! got this nickname from muh best fren... SEWA!! i miss her soo much!!! And, i miss my kwa~ahtoo! Even though he lives just rite thurr........ not that way.... u know.... i miss him even though he's right beside me......... I'm outie!!! MISS U AND LOVE U SEWA!!!! U 2 KWA~AH!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS U GUYZ!!!!! G~G~G STRING!!!!!! BEANS!!!lol.... lata!!!!!!!!
Thats MY Kwa~ah And SEWA!!!!!!!!! MISSU!!!!!
by only me, Ga~Ga!!!!!!!!! November 29, 2004

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