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synonym of "cool."

Used to describe a person or thing of insane awesomeness.

Used once by Ryan Seacrest on American Idol.
"Dude, that was straight gazpacho of you to buy me that drink!"
by KatieKatieKatie1 April 23, 2010
An incredibly bad player in a video game. The kind of player that forces you to wonder how much the opposing team paid them to be THAT bad. A gazpacho is a true burden to their teammates. A liability. Due to the nature of how bad a gazpacho is anyone with the misfortune of witnessing a gazpacho play will be rendered temporarily paralysed and dumbstruck.
"Someone flash long."
"Ok, don't fuck up. Please, please don't fuck up."

*It is imperative that the gazpacho misses the flashbang to secure his title. He "accidentally" blinds his entire team, which is proceeded by spraying his P90 because "I thought I saw a CT before I got blinded!", killing several of his teammates and injuring others.*
by Akk on a Jatak February 03, 2013
1) This term is used to described a mafia boss that will never become a capo or anything higher then that.

2) ha, ha, ha.... ha
by Anonymous February 05, 2003
huge balls; huge ball sack
ive got a big gazpacho. girl: i heard his gazpacho is big as fuck
by bebis man January 26, 2016
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