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A horrible disgusting odor that comes from the stench of having not washed the male genetalia for many days and the male testicles brew in the odiferous ball sweat thus creating the ball swamp
Dude, I was gaming for 3 days straight and now I got a total ball swamp
by TheMalevolentGoblin January 03, 2014
When many men ejaculate into a bowl and freeze it until it is very cold but still liquid, and have a woman consume said gazpacho
Dude, I was at this crazy blow bang the other day and us guys decided to make a batch of fresh Tibetan Spunk Gazpacho
by TheMalevolentGoblin January 04, 2014
When you have a combination of a ball swamp and fresh diarreah crockpotting in ones underwear
Dude, I was gaming for weeks when my girl wanted to hang out. So I went over and she wanted to fuck, I was so nervous that my ball swamp suddenly became a shit-swamp stew
by TheMalevolentGoblin January 03, 2014

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