a person thats not popular but not unpopular. jumping from herd to herd. not accepted but not denied. no true friends but no real enemy's.
looks at that poor gazelle over there trying to make friends. :/
by jiglz May 18, 2011
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A good looking, yet aloof girl who is consistently guarded when a man shows interest. She will give the impression of mild interest, even go out on dates with a man she is not that interested in, and then run at the first sign of genuine pursuit. On rare occasions, the man is able to catch her interest anyway.
I thought I was getting somewhere with that girl, but turns out she was a gazelle.
by verchick2000 May 02, 2010
a hot guy/girl that's so delicious that you want to eat him/her up; hottie with a hottie body (like a lion you who wants to attack a gazelle hottie)
DANGGG - what a gazelle!
by gazelle! October 30, 2005
A rip-off site that offers to "recycle" your old electronics for free or buys them at ridiculously low prices.
I have a old super nintendo system that I want to get rid of, and gazelle.com says it "no longer has market value and can't be reused" and offers to "recycle" it for free.
by theawper April 24, 2010
A fine ass bitch that you want to hunt down like a lion.
Phil- "lets go tackle some gazelles"

Drew- "yeah boi"
by Kang P May 23, 2006
long legged, gorgeous sparkling, soft, exhilerating body of a woman. Usually walks in the wind to cool her neck.
That gazelle's skin is so soft it sparkles naturally.

Gazelle made it to the big screen.
by hardygoodfellow December 10, 2009
Another term for a spliff or joint.

Derives from a David Attenborough documentary about cheetahs. Although ultra fast, cheetahs are somewhat lazy animals that will pipe for the easier prey if it means eating quicker and using less energy. In one clip, David, in his usual cool and calm voice said "The cheetah couldn't be bothered, so he had a gazelle instead". From that day onwards, smokers across the land decided they couldn't be bothered, and they too would have a 'gazelle' instead too.
"Let's have a gazelle"
by Jim at 8 Cherry Hill October 05, 2008
Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public (somewhat)inconspicuously.
"Montel was sittin' on the porch all day, sippin' his 40 and smokin' gazelles"
by bigamike October 17, 2014
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