a person thats not popular but not unpopular. jumping from herd to herd. not accepted but not denied. no true friends but no real enemy's.
looks at that poor gazelle over there trying to make friends. :/
by jiglz May 18, 2011
A gazelle is a term to describe a male who is quite feminine in terms of appearance or posture. May or may not be homosexual.
1. That guy down the street is a total gazelle

2. Fanboy from the show Fanboy and Chum Chum
by xjustpushplay July 25, 2010
To drag one's ball sack across another's face, from chin to forehead.
He Gazelled across her face as if t'were an African Sveldt.
by Mr. Deep Burnington July 14, 2009
The gallop a person performs when experiencing an imminent, pressurized bowel movement while hurrying to the bathroom. It is highlighted by rigidly straight legs, a pinched buttocks, and quick, short prances.
Brian's coworkers howled as he gazelled around the corridor corner after eating the mega-spicy curry dish.
by Fancy Moses August 25, 2007
A lacrosse player, known for his gazelle like stride.
Look at the gazelle running!
by gazellelax May 24, 2005
A type of bird crane-like in appearance, medium sized, with brown coloring.
Look how pretty that gazelle is when it flys!
by nspiroff December 24, 2006
gay-as-hell. you're a fag.
you gazelle, he gazelle, she gazelle
by zite April 14, 2008

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