The act of giving or receiving anal sex with some who is the same gender as you
Man, I never wanted to experience it, but last night I had gaynal with that guy from San Francisco. It was actually really fun!


No, my farts soundl like rushing air now.
by AYearForPhil October 30, 2011
Top Definition
The act of one homosexual penetrating another individuals anus.
Me and my boyfriend were having hardcore gaynal sex.
by Skellord January 12, 2011
The act of someone being gay and/or anal at the same time.
He was in fact quite gaynal, every dildo had its proper place and was not to be disturbed. Anal sex on a bmx, Anal sex on the CSX
by TheGreatandKnowledgable April 30, 2006
A combination of gay and anal, referring to the dipping of the oil-well; butt sex for you morons out there
Wow, that scorpion and retarted boy sureare having some hot and heavy gaynal sex.
by guy54 April 08, 2003
Engaging is anal sex with another man.
Anthony: "Hey man you wanna get drunk and do something crazy?"

Jaye: "NO! last time you talked me into gaynal!"
having gay, anal sex
Gabby has gaynal sex all the time.

Noreen wishes she had gaynal sex.

Andrea is jealous of Gabby's gaynal sex.

Chantel is over there.
by Max Powerr March 01, 2007
The act of being both Gay and wanting to give or receive Anal sex.
Rick: So dude you down for some Gaynal?
Rudy: Fuck yea dude!
Rick: Alright man, just let me lube up my asshole and we can get going.
by Cockaholic223 June 21, 2010
A cross between "gay" and "anal", simply refers to anal intercourse between homosexual males.
Randy: Too bad that gay guys like Jeffery don't ever have sex.

Mike: Are you kidding? Jeffery has gaynal with Gerry all the time!
by shadowposter April 01, 2010
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