adj., being uptight, smug, or generally lame; a double-whammy insult referring to the addressee as both gay and anal. n., one who is smug and self-righteous; one who is extensively rigid with rules or generates and enforces unreasonable rules, often out of need to feel power. v., to say or do something particularly lame and unamusing
adj.: That RA is being totally gaynal about curfew tonight.
n.: Put out that cig, man. Here comes a gaynal.
v.: You so gaynaled that joke, brother. Don't quit your day job.
by Lord Gaynal September 24, 2006
an insidious level of gayness. to the point of making others cringe.
you are so gaynally retentive
by david namegah August 27, 2008
adj., an extremely unbearably gay situation in which something is gay. in which case, when things are gay, they are also anal, the combination of the to thus creates gaynal or gayness up the anus
god i hate this, it's so gaynal
by a bum March 13, 2005
Used to describe a man who puts out like he's straight, but he only has anal sex with girls because he's really closeted/gay.
My ex-boyfriend is so gaynal... I want a real man who knows how to come in the front door.
by gingernyc August 30, 2007
anal butthole fucking but with gay fags only.
straight anal sex = anal
gay anal sex = gaynal

garry likes to have hardstyle gaynal sex with his father
by drypotatoes87 January 22, 2009
Gay people having anal.
Dude you see those gay people over there? They had gaynal last night!
by HotandSpicy and OPxinfinity December 21, 2015
When 2 sexy guys have sex and cum in each others hairy holes
Gaynal- Having gay intimate anal sex

Straight guy 1: hey man what's up
Straight guy 2: nothing much. Just super horny
Straight guy 1: want to Gayal?
Straight guy 2: I already have a chub
by Dndndndjdjsjjsmskaka January 19, 2015
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