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a combination of gay and homosexual.

Used by goths and other loners to denote someone who does not like thier gay music.
satanhumper69: oso u dont liek cradle of filth?

KFJ: You must've meant cradle of shit. No, I on't like cradle of shit.

satanhumper69: omgomg u GAY-MO-SEXUAL
by Kung-fu Jesus July 28, 2004
Someone who is gayer than gay.

prerequisite: Being gay
Guy #1: Dude, I totally couldn't wear my pink shirt today. It was dirty.

Guy #2: Man your such a gaymosexual...
by Chaz "The Great" Stevenson May 25, 2009
To describe something very very VERY gay
That's gaymosexual!

Damien is gaymosexual.
by DizzyLizzy December 05, 2006
Someone that happens to be gay-er than the definition of gay. Insanely gay.
Jordan: "Hey, what are you up to?"

Jim: "Not much. Just going to a gay bar."

Jordan: "Gay bar? You are so gaymosexual. Do they have special bars for people as gaymosexual as you?"
by JMasta J March 15, 2010
it means that ur a homosexual that is really gay
branden post is a gaymosexual
by Troy J.P September 17, 2003
some one that is really homosexaly gay
Branden Post is gaymosexual!
by P.P (PlayaPimp) September 16, 2003