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A Gay Alien, Simple. ;)
Matts Balls
matts ball
Matt ball gaylien
Balls Matt
Ball Matts
You see where I'm going
by Dani_Benj September 18, 2008
A gay alien. Usually is green with big eyes. It abducts people and probes them with its laser. Has a ray gun for defense. Usually makes the sound of the gun with its mouth as in "Zaaaaap"
"I'm not a gaylien!"
by ? March 23, 2004
A gay alien. Like the one on American Dad.
Roger (from the TV show American Dad) is a 'gaylien'.
by ­meatwad's ghost June 27, 2005
A gay alien.
What's up with aliens? Why do they all probe people? They're more like gayliens.
by Xerobull December 31, 2003
A homosexual person who is an Illegal immigrant.
I saw two gayliens blowing eachother in a van after a long day hanging ofdrywall.
by Festive_Lotus May 22, 2014
noun. A gay man who is far to tan to be anything near human.
When the Gaylien Ship landed, the gayoverlord Brian proclaimed "We're here to dance fuckers!!!!"
by Awesomo February 14, 2005