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-A skilled member of the LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc.) community who acts as an advocate on behalf of a related cause or matter.
-Someone who lobbies on behalf of a business or corporation to help show their support of gay and lesbian equal rights.

Business #1: Hey, I need someone to help show the world that our corporation and brand fully supports Equality for all Gay & lesbian men and women.

SPI: So, you're saying you need someone who is educated and experienced in the LGBT community, whose an advocate for equal rights, is outgoing, creative, determined, and persistent?; Someone whose sure to improve your company's visibility in the community as well as increase your bottom line profitability?

Business #1: YES! That's exactly what we need!... Oh, and they should also probably be extremely good looking...Can you help?

SPI: Absolutely! Our special Gaygent, Becca, is perfect for the job. She's our #1 girl, never afraid of a challenge and never gives up. We'll put her on the case right away!
by secretgaygent June 26, 2013
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