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A phrase used to describe something as being bad or having gone wrong.

The word "Gay" meaning the negative connotation of Homosexual and "Rider" is used as a nonsensical verb.

Person 1: was about to get this hot bitches number and then she told me she had a boyfriend.

Person 2: Thats Gay Rider!


Person 1: Yo we dont have tickets for the playoff game.

Person 2: Why not?

Person 1: Todd stiffed us and took someone else.

Person 2: Awww c'mon thats Gay Rider.
by K Ding May 07, 2006
21 14
The development of misunderstanding the Free Rider problem.
Somebody mistook Free Rider as Day Rider, which in turn somebody else mistook Day Rider to Gay Rider.

See information failure
by Strawberry Clock Version 2 March 19, 2004
32 25
See Gay Rider
Click on Gay Rider for the definition
by Strawberry Clock Version 2 March 19, 2004
4 8