1. To be one who is not yet gone, but in the act of leaving and signifying your departure by simply saying, "GAWN."

2. Someone who left, or intends to get the fuck out, quickly.

3. Used in reference to someone who tagged your sister and then bolted. ie: "He fucked your sister and now he's GAWN."
ex 1: Person 1: "See you later man."
Person 2: "Gawn."

ex 2: Person 1: "Wait a secon--"
Person 2: "Fuck you I'm GAWN."

ex 3: Person 1: "Which one of you fucked my sister?"
Person 2: "Dave did...but after the money shot he was all like, 'Gawn!' and then he was gawn."
by R.H.L. February 02, 2004
Top Definition
1. 'strain for gone, usually shouted.
2. A description of someone who has way too many drinks.
"1. Going, goin, GAWN!"
"2. You were GAWN last night mate!"
by Muggus November 26, 2003
From the words "go" "on". Used mainly in Ireland, particularly in Tyrone and Derry, as a means in which to ask someone for something, or direct someone to do something.
"Gawn and give me a fag?" - "Can I have a cigarette?"

"Gawn and shut up!" - "Keep quiet!"
by Ouch it's Francie November 30, 2004
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