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One with the ability to effortlessly string together words, no matter their actual meaning, in an instance and in such a way it brings a smile to the faces of those listening, sometimes often laughter or tears of admiration for having heard someone with such an amazing skill.
Often one to spawn many a catch phrases or wicked new taunts and subtle insults, as well as song lyrics, raps and strange and often disturbing stories that make little sense.
The wordsmith's job is to make up bullshit on the spot.
by Muggus December 12, 2003
1. Short for Australian.
2. The common slang language used by most working class Australians.
"1. I am, you are, we are 'Strain."
"2. I'm no good at English, but I can speak good 'Strain mate."
by Muggus November 26, 2003
1. 'strain for gone, usually shouted.
2. A description of someone who has way too many drinks.
"1. Going, goin, GAWN!"
"2. You were GAWN last night mate!"
by Muggus November 26, 2003
A very important and benefitial rule for drinking beverages of a beer related nature devised by the great and wise Strong Bad.
It stands for the fact that a cold one's quality degrades with a rise in temperature, thus making it less of a cold one, and no longer drinkable.

- This rule does not apply in countries where room temperature ones are enjoyed.
- Under the right circumstances, a cool one, can be quite refreshing also.
"A One That Isn't Cold Is Scarcely A One At All" - Strong Bad
by Muggus December 06, 2003
Where a person has a tendancy to 'dig a hole' every time they speak, and continue to do so on a particular subject.
"Everything he said made him sound more and more convincingly gay. He had a serious case of shovel mouth!"
by Muggus November 26, 2003
Noun. One who is so adept at maneuvering an automobile in a sideways manner, that they could literally package it and sell it to willing customers.
"Mate, Johno is a drift merchant if there ever was one. He spent like two minutes drifting around that round-a-about at the end of Fake St. He was goin so fast, Macca took a puke in the backseat, shit Johno's pissed about it"
by Muggus December 12, 2003
A night in which is of such a large manitude and involves large quantities of alcohol and other substances, it is not remember by the participants, and has a very regretable aftermath.

See A.R.T and C.R.A.F.T
"We had an ARTs and CRAFTs night. I woke up in a park 2 miles from where I last remember, still drunk with an empty bottle of vodka in my hand, not knowing how I got there."
by Muggus November 26, 2003
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