In driving, an open corridor without vehicles formed on a 6-lane freeway / highway in between the passing / fast lane and the exterior / slow lane. Typically occurs just prior to an off-ramp, as the cars move & line up in the exterior lane to get onto the off-ramp, and the balance of drivers move into the passing lane to avoid the congestion.

At this point, a driver can choose to "charge the gauntlet" or "run the gauntlet", by moving into the middle lane and accelerating quickly. This makes it too dangerous for other drivers to enter the lane, keeping it free and clear.
Michael - Geez, I thought we were going to be stuck in traffic for an hour. Good thing I got that opportunity to run the gauntlet; I passed at least 30 cars!

Thomas - Michael, if you ever steal my car again, you will not live to see your 15th birthday.

Michael - Yes Dad.
by malarky2020 December 14, 2009
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Fingerless short or long black leather, lace, satin, mesh, or fishnet forearm covers; some have a thumbhole; goth, biker~looking, or high~fashion feminine types. They're Badass! Can have patterns, tie~around straps, velvet, available in many different styles including ones with zippers & skulls.
I have so many pair of different pairs of gauntlets but my favorite are black leather with a long zipper~they go all the way to my elbow, & they have little metal skulls on them!
by Starchylde May 30, 2016
The act of consuming a 2 oz. shot of grain alcohol, followed by a 2 oz. shot of Bacardi 151 rum, followed by a refreshing 2 oz. shot of Rumple Minze, completed with chugging a 12-16 oz. can of any energy drink. Upon completion, the contestant is said to be #WGW (see White Girl Wasted).
David: Yeah... I don't plan on drinking tonight, I think I'll just finish up some homework instead.
Chris: Fuck that dude, let's do Gauntlets!!
David: I don't know man, I would like to remember tonight.
by BoogeDrew November 23, 2012
1) A leather glove with studs, used for punching, slapping, or setting challenges. In the days of old when knights were bold, a gauntlet would be thrown on the floor as a challenge. If someone picked up the gauntlet, they would accept the challenge of competition in 2)

2) A jousting competition, whereby knights on horseback would have 5 lances to attack eachother with, and one broadsword. They would wear the colours of a lady, and defend the honour of a kingdom.
I challenge ye, sir knight, to take the gauntlet.

Challenge accepted!
Gauntlet was originally an arcade game made in the early 80's. It was one of the first "top-down" view role playing games, in which you could control one of four types of player classes. The objective of the game was to find keys and kill enemies and proceed to new rooms. Has seen many incarnations on various systems over time.
"Blue Wizard is dying, needs food badly!"
by Lon May 12, 2005
Running in a line while getting smacked with pads. HARD. usually resulting in soreness, limping, back pain, shoulders dislocation, and broken fingers, toes Etc. Always resulting in pain.
"Time for the gauntlet!"

"Gautlet makes you stronger!"

"Dude, i hate when we run the gauntlet"

"I blacked out today doing the gauntlet and fumbled the ball, so i had to run a gaser!"-see Gaser
by Yo Boy, The Snake January 24, 2008
Medieval hand protection. Two variations were finger gauntlets, comprised of steel over the top of the hand and individual, articulated plates of steel over the fingers to give movement for sword and Bill. The other variation were Mitts, same steel over the hand, but just one plate or slightly curved steel over the fingers, instead of the articulation. Gloves were worn underneath the metal, for grip on the weapons and general protection.Could be plain, or highly decorated, depending on the period and the fashions of the time.
The soldier slipped his hands into his gauntlets.
by Taz June 02, 2004
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