this word can be used in many ways. it describes that you're feeling fat, someone looks fat, or you are overeating. This was established by the Teen Mom character Gary.
"Ughhh I fee like such a gary" -You ate too much
"That girl is totally garying right now" -someone chomping
"I need to stop being a gary"- your being a fat ass
by TheBrothel October 03, 2010
Guy who's accident prone, especially when it comes to his face.
Gary got bit in the face by a dog today.
by grock hampton April 28, 2010
the second best player ever

it's ok gary, you can still be the second best player ever
by lolbankss April 07, 2009
A way of calling a teacher a pervert.

Originated from Gary Glitter.
Mr.Haldane is such a Gary !!! he is always flirtin wiv the girls !!!
by Liverool May 04, 2007
Oprah Winfrey's asshole. First used in South Park's episode 144 "A Million Little Fibers". Gary feels neglected because of a lack of attention from Oprah. Gary's best friend is Oprah's minge and wants nothing more than to see Paris. Gary speaks with an English accent.
Poor gary has been puking nothing but rice crackers ever since Oprah has been on a diet.
by Huskey Balls April 20, 2006
A Gary is someone who is offensive in every single way

More or less a new word to describe total and utter gayness (not fagginess, just a really a douchey person all together)
what a gary that guy is....

For example, we named my tumour Gary. that freaking stupid gary getting all up in my shit.

Shut up Burton, your being such a gary.

fucking gary.
by Dmomma and Jbaby November 11, 2010
When a data process is gay and it's because of a person named Gary.
Person: Yep. Had a good time. It was nice to be away from work for a couple days (even though I had to log in both days to run a daily process!).

Reply: That's very gary.
by iheartaaa March 22, 2010

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