this word can be used in many ways. it describes that you're feeling fat, someone looks fat, or you are overeating. This was established by the Teen Mom character Gary.
"Ughhh I fee like such a gary" -You ate too much
"That girl is totally garying right now" -someone chomping
"I need to stop being a gary"- your being a fat ass
by TheBrothel October 03, 2010
The act of at least 3 or more males performing anal sex with eachother, but in a circular formation so that everyone involved in the "gary" both gives a recieves. The gary can be as little as 3 men, or as much as a mile in diameter.

The term "gary" originated from a school in the Wake County Public School System (NC) when the administrators walked in on 3 young males performing the sexual act of the gary in an empty classroom. They were all punished, but one was hospitalized because of internal bleeding and a severe case of a prolapsed rectum.
Jim - Hey John, did you here what happened at Justin Pride's party?
John - No, what happened?
Jim - Him and two of his gay friends were garying in his room.
John - Ohh nice... shit i wish i went now
by The OG Gary-Ers October 02, 2010
A person, usually a girl, who can be described as a "guaranteed shag", or "Gary" for short.
Who's that girl I saw you with last night?" "Oh, she was just my gary.
by Jimjimmy June 20, 2010
A very fat guy. Known as "The Blueberry."
Dude, Gary's so lazy. And he looks like a blueberry in that jacket he always wears. Gary is such a bum.
by Garyisfat August 16, 2010
1. a person who takes control of situations that don't require control

2. arrogant, obnoxious fool

3. hypocritical phony
"That bitch is such a Gary. She always contradicts herself!"
by loredaj March 30, 2010
the second best player ever

it's ok gary, you can still be the second best player ever
by lolbankss April 07, 2009
Gary is a no-namer, doesn't have many friends, the ones he has, he means barely anything to them, he falls for girls who want nothing to do with him, he skates, he's a weirdo, but at least he has his friends, even if he's not the most important person in the world to them, he's happy.
02:21:59 <Allegra> mk 02:22:15 <Allegra> *eats chocolate* omnom 02:22:25 <Gary> chocolate :o02:22:26 <Gary> share 02:22:35 <Allegra> too late i just ate the last of it :o
by TheOnlyOneThatCounts June 10, 2009
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