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Gary's are often either awesome, or complete pricks. Mostly pricks.
Gary's so completely awesome, that he needs no example.

Gary's a complete douche, and deserves horrible, horrible, things.
by Hinamorii October 31, 2010
Oprah's ass hole
And her Gary too.
by brandimariee6 July 25, 2011
Established in April 2009, GARYS are people who will go beyond expectations to ruin something for somebody else. or Encourage others to do so.

Factions such as the EUXi and GIF have already been organised to prevent a mass outbreak of the GARYS
Playstation 3, Home (Xi) GARYS run around the HUB shouting out Answers or asking for Answers in the public chat.
by GodfatherObie April 25, 2009
Gary, Indiana, the muthafuckin murda capital. kno us, fear us.
I'm scared to go to the G(Gary).
You caint see in the dark in Gary.
by thatniggafrom85th May 15, 2008
to coil or arrange wiring, cabling, or similar materials in a meticulous or overly neat fashion.
The network cables were a mess, so I took the time to GARY them into a neater arrangement.

After I was done with the extension cord, I GARRIED it neatly before putting it away
by Bradoley May 08, 2007
The act of at least 3 or more males performing anal sex with eachother, but in a circular formation so that everyone involved in the "gary" both gives a recieves. The gary can be as little as 3 men, or as much as a mile in diameter.

The term "gary" originated from a school in the Wake County Public School System (NC) when the administrators walked in on 3 young males performing the sexual act of the gary in an empty classroom. They were all punished, but one was hospitalized because of internal bleeding and a severe case of a prolapsed rectum.
Jim - Hey John, did you here what happened at Justin Pride's party?
John - No, what happened?
Jim - Him and two of his gay friends were garying in his room.
John - Ohh nice... shit i wish i went now
by The OG Gary-Ers October 02, 2010
ebonic term for "getting ready"
I was gary to holler at this shorty, but this other cat cock blocked me.
by coupedehille February 19, 2010