An inconsiderate, douchebag jerk
Often tricks girls into thinking they(him) are kind and the perfect guy to be with but turns out not to actually be
My boyfriend was a total Gary, so I broke up with him.
by Finnre14 July 28, 2011
Oprah's ass hole
And her Gary too.
by brandimariee6 July 25, 2011
Gary's are often either awesome, or complete pricks. Mostly pricks.
Gary's so completely awesome, that he needs no example.

Gary's a complete douche, and deserves horrible, horrible, things.
by Hinamorii October 31, 2010
Established in April 2009, GARYS are people who will go beyond expectations to ruin something for somebody else. or Encourage others to do so.

Factions such as the EUXi and GIF have already been organised to prevent a mass outbreak of the GARYS
Playstation 3, Home (Xi) GARYS run around the HUB shouting out Answers or asking for Answers in the public chat.
by GodfatherObie April 25, 2009
Gary, Indiana, the muthafuckin murda capital. kno us, fear us.
I'm scared to go to the G(Gary).
You caint see in the dark in Gary.
by thatniggafrom85th May 15, 2008
Short for "Gary Groundwork", a term used to describe a guy doing the 'groundwork' to pick up a girl.
Guy 1: "You were the biggest Gary on Chloe at the party on Saturday!"


Guy A: "I think I might Gary Kate this afternoon"
Guy B: "You've got no chance"
by Gary G June 26, 2005
ebonic term for "getting ready"
I was gary to holler at this shorty, but this other cat cock blocked me.
by coupedehille February 19, 2010

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