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another word for a person of asian descent....a way to identify them to friends without shouting racial slurs
Chinatown is full of garys
by mark55 September 03, 2007
27 53
noun: sperm, cum, semen.

Originated from the term spongebob (not the Spongebob on T.V.)
I got gary all over!
by Doug_AK February 13, 2008
25 52
Cockney rhyming slang - as in #4 above for arse. Gary Glitter = shitter.
See Book of Dave; Will Self: woman violently forced into prostitution - "fucked up the cunt and up the Gary......."
by Rikvanbike December 12, 2007
62 89
An asshole.

Specifically, Oprahs's asshole in the South Park episode entitled "A Million Little Fibers"
I'm oprah's Gary.

(located right behind Oprah's Minge)
by BMK Media April 20, 2006
383 410
A city that much of Indiana wishes belonged to Illinois and Chicago. A terrible city and industrial wasteland in northwest Indiana, next to Chicago, and one of the worst cities in the country to live. It is like 90% black and has a terrible crime problem. About 100,000 dirt-poor blacks live in this decaying--actually dying--Rust Belt city on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Gary was once the largest center of steel manufacturing in the country, until the 1960s, when the jobs were lost to overseas competition. The jobs and many people are gone and NEVER to return. Thank God that Gary does NOT represent the rest of Indiana. I'm sure that much of Indiana wishes Gary would belong to Illinois--let Chicago have it.
Gary is a bad city, but the hometown to the Jacksons: Michael, Latoya and Janet.
by krock1dk May 19, 2008
24 52
New age Cockney Rhyme slang.

Gary (Like Oprah Winfreys talking anus called Gary from South Parks 'A Million Little Fibers') is an english term shorted which should mean:

Gary Glitter - Shitter
I've just spoken to Tom he's on the Gary Glitter shitter and will be out in 20 minutes.

Ow my Gary hurts after that Vindaloo dump I just took!
by Jerec June 11, 2007
20 51
A man who is clearly gay but chooses to the live a lie and pretend he is straight by marrying a female who is clearly lacking in common sense and social intelligence. She will never admit to her dissatisfaction with their virtually non-existent sex life and continuously praise his fantastic interior decorating capability and revel in his commensurate passion for musicals.
You know this guy...we all know this guy, or at least his wife and we just aren't telling her dumb ass. "Oh that's her husband?! I thought for sure he was gay. What a gary!"
by jama fo rama March 31, 2009
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