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probably one of the hardest actors
from various 80's and early 90's classics, such as leathal weapon and point break.
"yo guy, don't make me go gary busey on your ass to get that money."

watch him shut the fuck up.
by cunt cakes January 20, 2004
Pertaining to a state in which one holds a capricious - but nonetheless strong - liking, inclination or desire. Usually used with a meaningless modifier such as all, totally, or mad.

See also: Busey
"I'm glad we stopped here to eat. I've been Gary Busey for their pizza all week"

"He's totally Busey for her; he writes about her every day in his blog"
by ThePants May 28, 2005
a general store manager for the taco bell in the hampshire mall, in amherst MA. looks exactly like gary busey.
hey, that dude looks like gary busey.. what?
by adam bailin April 17, 2004
A rampant War Walrus. Parades around the world talking stupidities and starring is the cheapest movies. Examples? Plato's Run, Warriors, Gary Busey's Bulletproof, etc.
by d August 15, 2003
When one goes to a bathroom takes a shot of some form of hard alcohol and then snorts an alprazolam bar and then says I am not funny.
Because Gary Busey isn't funny, and he did allot of drugs.
Why is kenny so messed up?
He did a Gary Busey in the bathroom.
by 80 Proof123 January 01, 2009
The property of being obnoxiously ugly such as Gary Busey.
Damn look at that wench! She's a total Gary Busey!!
by RatBastard July 14, 2004