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to make up words
Example 1: Frindle is a classic garfunkeled word.

Example 2: Urban Dictionary is the capital of garfunkeling on the net.
by missmuffinface May 13, 2009
the practice of placing sheets of toilet paper around the seat in a public toilet so you don't catch anus germs.

from Simon and Garfunkel's album:
A Bridge Over Troubled Water
there's the public toilets, if you're that desperate, just garfunkel it.
by Kov July 01, 2007
to take a giagantic shit which usually results in the bleeding of the anus
I garfunkelled in your mom's vagina last night!
by asdfasdfsadfadsf June 26, 2006
nocturnal gaseous discharge from the rectum
you garfunkeled so loudly last night, it woke me up from a sound sleep.
by mikaige June 04, 2006