to make up words
Example 1: Frindle is a classic garfunkeled word.

Example 2: Urban Dictionary is the capital of garfunkeling on the net.
by missmuffinface May 13, 2009
to take a giagantic shit which usually results in the bleeding of the anus
I garfunkelled in your mom's vagina last night!
by asdfasdfsadfadsf June 26, 2006
the practice of placing sheets of toilet paper around the seat in a public toilet so you don't catch anus germs.

from Simon and Garfunkel's album:
A Bridge Over Troubled Water
there's the public toilets, if you're that desperate, just garfunkel it.
by Kov July 01, 2007
nocturnal gaseous discharge from the rectum
you garfunkeled so loudly last night, it woke me up from a sound sleep.
by mikaige June 04, 2006

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