To be of no real intrest. short for "garbage"
nah, gimme mines back, yours is hella garbo
by alex April 28, 2003
Top Definition
Something that is complete and utter garbage.
That car is total piece of shit. It's garbo.
by Nader H. May 09, 2008
Used to define a sexy band member. Usually band member is on bass. He's tall, has great hair, great sense of humor, and a wanted man.
Did you see that Garbo?
Yeah, he was rocking on that bass. Wouldnt mind getting me some of that!
by i'mnotsteve July 10, 2008
adjective. describing someone lacking in skills
Jon is garbo at halo 3.
by paul anthony tablan December 31, 2009
An alternate form of garbage
That movie was garbos
by Morgendorffer June 02, 2008
1.One who is or acts trashy
2.To be garbage
3.To smell bad and look bad
Dude, your look is garbo.
Your freakin garbo, man.
by BodyHarvest February 03, 2011
originally Greta Louisa Gustafsson, born in 1905 and perished in 1990. Swedish-born American actress who was known for her preferring to be isolated.Also known for her performances in such films as Queen Christina (1933) and Camille (1937).
p1:"Why dont you pursue a social life?
p2:"Leave me alone, I dont want to talk to anyone"
p1:"Now, don't you get all garbo on me bitch"
by dominicana July 16, 2006

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