Garbo is an ancient greek term meaning garbage or a more used term crappy, or sucky.
Man you garbo, i beat you in super smash bros. like 15 times.
by Spiid1000 June 20, 2009
used to describe something so rediculous it needs its own word to describe it.
Man, that blunt is garbo, did you roll a fucking quarter in it?
by Wayne December 29, 2003
Not Gabbo
"Look Smither, Garbo is coming"
by Nekobus July 01, 2004
Man eater, predator, agressive, self absorbed, self serving. Similar to roles played by Greta Garbo.
See how he garbo'd that chick? She how she garbo'd her way in front of the line?
by capt September 26, 2003

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