to eat out a girl, oral sex with a female recipient, cunnilingus. From a certain man who shall remain nameless (GAP) who was a devourer of all things fishy, and who invented the philosophy "it is better to give than recieve". Derived from the same era as coops
1. Alf: "I just got the best gaps last night, mmmmm"
2. Did you hear theeban gave gaps to a rednut?
by gronk December 21, 2004
The space between the thighs on a female body, just below the crotch. A gap is indicative of a slim figure and is very sexy.
Steve: "Wow! Check out the gap on that chick!"
Darryl: "Hot stuff. I'm going to go get her number."
by Hayz February 16, 2004
The place in between a girls legs that fits a tool, generally but not limited to, a penis
I was approaching the gap last night when i saw a toothbrush already in it, so i turned away
by unsinkable February 20, 2008
The space between a girls legs, not between her teeth. Thus making her sexy.
Damn that girl's got gap!
by Richard N Sean June 17, 2008
Auckland slang. To flee or peel the scene of something.A variation is 'gaps'.
It's the cops, gap gap gap!!
by ODI February 18, 2005
gay anal poop sex
quaid has the gaps
by quiad January 20, 2004
G.A.P. is an acronym for Good Ass Pussy.
I go to HU where them fine dymes got that G.A.P.

Be warned though, G.A.P. will NOT raise your G.P.A.
by KamJam May 04, 2007
(noun) An American brand of modern clothing that is going to hell. Typical GAP t-shirts display the brand in large caps on the front of the shirt. If worn in public, you will be observed as the acronym most people have adopted for the GAP brand, "gay and proud".

In other words, don't buy their t-shirts.
"Hey, man, look at the new GAP t-shirt I bought!"

"So... you're gay and proud?"

"NO, I-"

"Hey! Hey, everyone! This guy is homo and likes it!"
by Chris Grendale December 02, 2013

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