Gay Asian Porn
The Rice Queen had so much GAP on his computer that it blinded Microsoft technician when he remoted in to help load an update
by btedstrom August 09, 2009
The space that appears between certain girl's thighs, just below the crotch. Usually triangle-shaped. Should not appear in women of a healthy weight, especially if they're standing with their legs together, although it has been fetishized by some men. A gap usually indicates an eating disorder or some kind of skeletal deformation, like rickets.
Bill: "Wow! Check out the gap on that chick!"

Ben: "Shhh! It's rude to point out people's disabilities."
by laserbears March 17, 2011
Gay Ass People
Group 1- Wanna go to an all boy party and touch each others asses?

Group 2- Wow you guys are Gaps!
by -Danny- April 08, 2009
A big hole between your legs(not crotch)
From doing it, a lot.

Got it!
Dude,look at my gap! It's hella big!
by nikaloverhi June 18, 2008
Verb- to ram something in the anus generally a dick or a dildo.
John gaped steve. Steve recieved a Gapping.
by pong master June 09, 2008
Trendy clothes made in miserable labor conditions.
Gap is fucking stupid.
by John September 05, 2003
Short for Google Map. Generally used in the same way that "Google it" is used.
Gap that address! Who uses Google Earth anyway...
by Aye Ween January 29, 2011

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