Japanese girls who love to stand out from the croud. They're also known as the "panda girls". They use alot of make up (they hate natural makeup), have panda-ish eyes, are spray tanned, wears alot of colours, usually have blonde hair and use white lipstick. They gather in groups that are named gal-cir (cir=circle). There are different kinds of circles. They have a song & dance, that they dance to when they're at clubs and so on. Everyone does it at the same time.
Ganguros are from the 90's
by Sunniva December 07, 2006
Top Definition
A Japanese Girl who either gets a tans or uses tanner. Bleaches hair, or brown, somtimes greay. Wears bright funky colors and Very platformed shoes. Wears white panda make up around eyes and on lips. sometimes places jewel stickers under eyes.
"omfg, have you seen Battle Royale II, thats kazumi chick is Ganguro!"

other words : yamanba, kogal, kogaru, ogyaru
by Kei Fukuda January 02, 2004
Ganguro is a gyaru (gal) that is tanned , wears light to medium panda make-up (white eyeshadow.etc) , wears lots of bright colours and hibiscus flowers. And loves the brand alba rosa
Ganguro loves alba rosa
by Cherry August 06, 2004
A fashion that consists of white eyelashes, white eyeshadow, white lipstick, glitter, bleached hair, and a dark tan. Vinyl or bright clothing is often worn in ganguro.
"You remember Mariko from junior year? Well, she went ganguro."
by Jay E. October 06, 2003
Aka Gonguro or Gon-Gal. A very tanned Kogal with bleached hair. Their fashion sence is more Kogal than Yamanba. Opposite of Ganjiro.
Americans tend to really confuse Ganguro with Yamanba. The panda makeup, face bling, & bad color mixes are Yamanba. The Guro in Ganguro doesn't mean "girl" but rather "face."
by Lai-Lai October 19, 2005
Literally means blackface in Japanese. The trend started in the late 90s following th popularity of rap music.
Look at all of these girls, they're totally ganguro.
by serk1 April 01, 2004
please also see kogaru which describes the same phenomenon.
attention kids, ganguro is just another word for kogaru
by hotzenplotz May 10, 2004
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