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A Gonguro gone overboard, to Kabuki proportions. Take your everyday Kogal, bleach her hair & slap on a tan; instant Gonguro (aka Ganguro). Okey, now toss in some glamish clothes & color them like their in the 60s. Shower profucely in oversized junk-jewelry & toss on way too much eyeshadow, now put some of those press-on rinestones you got for Cellphone bling & put them on your face instead. voila; Yamanba.
Yamanba was a mountain ogress. If I saw that on a mountain, I'd believe it too!
by Lai-Lai October 19, 2005
Aka Gonguro or Gon-Gal. A very tanned Kogal with bleached hair. Their fashion sence is more Kogal than Yamanba. Opposite of Ganjiro.
Americans tend to really confuse Ganguro with Yamanba. The panda makeup, face bling, & bad color mixes are Yamanba. The Guro in Ganguro doesn't mean "girl" but rather "face."
by Lai-Lai October 19, 2005
The opposite of a Gonguro. A subsection of Kogal.
Ganjiro go more for the tradition ideal of Japanese beauty with milky skin & dark hair. They're more accepted in society for being less extreme, but still break lots of dress codes.
by Lai-Lai October 19, 2005
Produce & products whom lure potential comsumers into a state of hypochondria & slap the word "organic" on a lable to justify jacking prices sky-high. While the company lable may be new or not well known, almost all are contracted by big-name corperations who monopolize smaller businesses & consolidate their products to reduce competition. Though not labeled "organic," bottled water fits into this category.
"Organic foods are a money scam, like bottled water. All the benefits are theoretical at best. The people who study them don't even read into both sides of the story; they're just good-natured health-nuts who feel justified at wasting money. I've been to an all-organics store before, you could go broke on that kind of living....where everything on the menu is one big placibo."
by Lai-Lai June 27, 2006
The other acceptable term for Ganguro.
Ganguro & Gonguro mean the same thing; "dark face." Opposite of Ganjiro.
by Lai-Lai October 19, 2005
The counterfashion of Ikebukuro Gals & Shibuya Gals (Kogal, Gonguro, Ganjiro, & Yamanba)

The look comes from those cute yet creepy collectable porcelaine dolls, right down to the hairstyles.

Though nonlolita, the Lolita's are much closer to the Cosplay-like industrial Glam wearers than Gals.
The look was made popular by rather attractive crossdressers in music bands like Emiru & Izam, pushed today by female Idol Kana.

The super attractive crossdresser Mana is known, among many other things, for blending the dark Goth look with Lolita & coining the terms EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) & GLA (Gothic Lolita Aristocrat) The GLAs can also be called EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat) when 'Lolita' doesn't quite describe the tight, long, sophiticated & uncutesy style.
by Lai-Lai October 19, 2005
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