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A forum that has a thing about mocking what they do not understand, like the PS2. They also steal quite a few topics and that from Gamesradar.

Also obsessed with daytime-MTV2 music, the kind that excites people while depressing even more. They won't allow anything else.
Guy 1 - Wanna check out Gamufi?
Guy 2 - No, that forum is so last year.
Me - I concur.
Guy 1 - But they've been slagging off things that they know nothing about!
Guy 2 - AGAIN?!
Me - *sigh* Some things never change.
Guy 1 - And they're glorifying crap as well.
Me - How original.
by SkintightFinger December 11, 2006
A lame forum that is jealous of other forums/sites that are far better than them.
They result to slagging off other forums just because they are shite.
I feel like a dick, lets check out gamufi
by not needed. April 16, 2005
1. A very dirty vagina, coming from the two words gammy and muff

2. The orifice a homosexual would use to insert is love length in.

3. A Popular Internet Forum, the name coming from the first letters "Games, Music and Film" put into one word.
1. She had such a Gamufi she was attracting cats.

2. He stuck his pork sword into his Gamufi

3. > all. I want to have bumsex with Gamufi.
by Gavin Felcher February 22, 2005
The king of internet forums, offering 110% more cheek! for all your camp needs!
"Gamufi is so fucking good, it actually hurts my bollocks!"
by Dr. John Smith March 04, 2005
The best internet forum alive today is the best site known to man!!!
by Random Hero March 04, 2005
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