A cranky old piece of dipshit, conflicted with nerdy humor and a nonexistant social life, these nerds' dreams in life are to become moderators so they can sit around all day and moderate messages on a forum. They're extremely paranoid, only worst of all, certain things that should be moderated aren't, and vice versa. It goes to the point where you can't actually say anything debate-like.

It's so hard to write anything because it;ll get moderated, and all because the moderator took what you said the wrong way because they're sicko perverts who jack off to anime.

That basically sums up the moderators. Don't forget, they obviously don't have a social life if they moderated for a forum. Although, wasting my time writing a definition for them isn't helping my life.
One time I accidentally, unintentionally, and barely used a replacement for a worse word (i said fork instead of fuck, and i was explaining how that rule should be remembered), then I got a suspension even though I had no prior moderations, and I had 50 karma. Instant ban. Next time I'll think twice before giving others my example.

One time I marked a username impersonating me directly, and nothing happened. why the fuck could he get away with that bullshit?

My definition is kinda screwed up. It applies to all people of GameFAQs, not just gamefaqs moderators.
#game #faqs #moderators #gamefaqs #sucks
by Measles September 04, 2007
Gamefaqs moderators are power flaunting people who's only enjoyment is giving the B7axe to innocent users who's only crime is using their right to unlimited posts.
Gamefaqs Moderator: Hey look it's Lesbian_in_a_Box, I'll just ban him because he's so much better looking than me.
#big brother #oppression #nazis #skynet #brainwashing
by Ffloyd November 28, 2006
The pathetic, obstructionist losers in charge of babysitting the members of the website GameFAQs. Their main job is to ensure that no one attempts to form anything that could be considered a rational, adult thought. If anyone does attempt to think on a level higher than a impressionable little child, it is the job of the moderator to ban them. Any emerging threat of intelligence must be contained. For as we all know, CNet makes more money when everyone is kept stupid. Intelligence, after all, is bad for business.
The GameFAQs moderators just suspended me for referring to religion as "mythology" in a topic arguing that evolution isn't real. God, what a bunch of fucking retards. They really should shoot themselves right in their worthless heads.
#corrupt #cnet #gamefaqs #babysitter #annoyance
by toosmartforgamefaqs May 06, 2009
Someone with no sense of humor who will ban you for posting a link to this page in your signature.
This account has been banned from posting any further messages on GameFAQs. Bans are only given out by the site administrator, and only for severe and/or repeated TOS violations. This ban is permanent; this account can no longer be used.

You have been banned from this site. Because I'm a Gamefaqs Moderator and therefore, automatically, a fag.
#gamefaqs #moderators #faggots #homosexual #cock-ranchers #shower-jousting
by Svenhoek July 26, 2009
A species that carries two varieties:

Variety 1-A sincerely respectable and competent person who enforces reasonable rules and gives fair punishments. Unfortunately, is a incredibly rare breed.

Variety 2-A cranky person who takes things too seriously, mods people for saying things they don't like or agree with (regardless of the rules), and will instinctively play the rule lawyer game when called out on it. Will also frequently single out sole examples of the perceived rule breaking while blowing off other posters doing equal or worse.
A Variety 2 Gamefaqs Moderator in action:

"Topic deleted by mod due to being off topic"

Poster-But my topic involved various characters from the game and discussed them. And there are a crapload of topics that are just as much off topic such as crappy VS threads and yapping about your retarded fetishes threads.

Mod-Don't care. Don't like your thread. I like reading posters go on about how Sonic's furry power beats Mario, repeat unfunny memes, and go on about what underage cartoon characters they'd like to bone.


And here's another example:

Poster-"Posts his opinion on something that others don't agree with"

Mod-"Deletes post for trolling"

Poster-The Hell? I didn't post that to annoy other users or incite some flamewar. I was just posting my opinion.

And another example:

Poster: "Posts in topic that's now about a game where a black guy goes around killing white people by asking if the game will have fried chicken"

Mod: "Uses mod powers for some reason even though the post wasn't any more offensive than others in the topic that weren't modded whatsover."

Poster:''Is suspended, and doesn't get the chance to contest the moderation"
#gamefaqs #gfaqs #selective #lame #mod
by Zarkos April 17, 2010
A unpleasant individual who uses his or her power to silence those he or she does not agree with. Apparently anything can get you modded by them. Including this example below.
Heck, I've taken my pokemon hacking to a new level. I'm running pokemon mills. There's thousands shoved in cages in a huge warehouse inside of a tardis-like computer. It's hard running a giant scamming job in between all the murders/robberies/puppy-killing I do. But man, do I try!

Man GameFAQs Moderators are douchebags.
#gamefaqs #corrupt #moderator #moderators #forums #forum #dick #douche #ass
by Hacker:) April 07, 2011
Bunch of nerds who have had their heads dunked into so many toilet bowls in their lives that they lost count.

Prime targets for locker-shovings and wedgies when in grade school, high school and college.

Take out their pent up rage by having a small amount of authority to delete children's messages on an internet forum. They have spent almost their entire lives on GameFAQs and have submitted applications to become moderators for years just to have this small feeling of power.

Mostly late 20-something year olds or 30-something year olds who control the flow of information on a website designed for children. Still watch anime and live in their mom's basement.

Basically these are Toys R Us kids who never grew up. Pathetic excuses for human beings and social rejects. Failures at real life who get a catharsis through being online dictators. Follow no rules other than the ones they make up on the spot for banning you. Official Site Rules are basically just put up as a joke and are not even worth reading.

Virgins for life or have some sort of ugly ass companion who they have painfully awkward sex with once in a while.

Wastes of oxygen.
The GameFAQs moderator went and banned some guy's account because he said he wasn't a fan of some stupid anime show that he liked.
#nerd #loser #social reject #anime watcher #virgin for life
by LolGameFAQs August 17, 2011
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