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Bunch of nerds who have had their heads dunked into so many toilet bowls in their lives that they lost count.

Prime targets for locker-shovings and wedgies when in grade school, high school and college.

Take out their pent up rage by having a small amount of authority to delete children's messages on an internet forum. They have spent almost their entire lives on GameFAQs and have submitted applications to become moderators for years just to have this small feeling of power.

Mostly late 20-something year olds or 30-something year olds who control the flow of information on a website designed for children. Still watch anime and live in their mom's basement.

Basically these are Toys R Us kids who never grew up. Pathetic excuses for human beings and social rejects. Failures at real life who get a catharsis through being online dictators. Follow no rules other than the ones they make up on the spot for banning you. Official Site Rules are basically just put up as a joke and are not even worth reading.

Virgins for life or have some sort of ugly ass companion who they have painfully awkward sex with once in a while.

Wastes of oxygen.
The GameFAQs moderator went and banned some guy's account because he said he wasn't a fan of some stupid anime show that he liked.
by LolGameFAQs August 17, 2011

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