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People who work for the moderation of threads and regulate order at gamefaqs dot com
I am a gamefaqs moderator regardless of your opinion on the matter, we don't allow the term to be used in that manner here.
Yeah, umm. Not gonna happen.
I am always right.
It doesn't matter what you think.
I don't care that your argument is valid.
by Thetruth01 March 15, 2012
3 6
A wonderful person that likes to moderate a Gaming Board that no one should give a second look to in the first place.
"Those GameFAQ mods deleted my message again! It was just a link to a GBA rom!"
by CJAYC FANBOY2001 March 16, 2004
60 120
One who's job it is to make sure that the 17 simple to follow rules that are shown to you when you sign up to Gamefaqs, are followed.

Violate any of the rules in any way, and your message will be deleted. If it is a severe offense, you'll get even worse punishment.

Quit bitching and just follow the fucking rules.
f*** - censor bypass. not allowed.
you're a dick - flaming.(insulting) not allowed.
The xbox sucks because it weighs 9 lbs - trolling.(encouraging flames) not allowed.
Where can I get an earthbound rom? - Ileagal Activities. Not allowed.
Everyone go to blahblah.com! - Spam. Not allowed.
I got a handjob in the bathroom once and jizzed in the girls face - Offensive posting. Not allowed.
This is off topic but... - Off Topic Posting. Not allowed, even if you announce it is off topic.
The boss at the end turns out to be a woman - Spoilers without warning. Not allowed.
fsjdkl;afjk!!KJJi88*!! - Disruptive Posting. Not allowed.
Let's all invade the nintendo board - Flooding/Invading/Board wars. Not allowed.
I'm Bill Gates - Impersonation. Not allowed.
I'm going to find you and rape you - Harrasment/Stalking. Not allowed.
If you do this, you can get free karma - Bugs and Exploits. Not allowed.
Robots/Posting Bots. Not allowed.
Other. I.e. anything that isn't written here but clearly doesnt belong on the board. Not allowed.

Now follow them and don't complain when the mods just do their job.
by |< /\ /\/ € |› |-| /-\ /\/ January 16, 2005
60 273