the most horrible place in the world

where gamefaqs moderators delete your posts when u try to voice out your opinion
i got 10 karma deleted for voicing my opinion
by anonymous August 24, 2004
It's that place where Sailor Bacon Axed me twice for submitting a fake review.
"GameFAQs is like fish. Except it's not a water thing."

"I bet I could eat an apple better than GameFAQs could."
by Cait Sith Fortune March 24, 2005
Where I've been modded more times than I can count.... still a fun place to be though. Also a place where some boards are overrun with trolls that can't spell.
User 1: Hey, I have a question. If you put really hot butter in a chick's clit, will it burn her?

User 2: No shit. What in the fuck are YOU smoking?

User 3: Yes.

User 4: OMFG teh LOLZ yu n00b wtfwtfwtf dpsht mothrfcker yu sck bitch

User 1: Thanks!

User 2: Dumbass....

Mod: *moderates Users 2 and 4*

User 2: What the fuck? Dipshit! In Soviet Russ-*gets shot*
by Seefu Sefirosu July 23, 2005

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