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Like the dude above me said, GameFAQS comes very close to Fascism. Cjayc (the owner) must know this because if you call some one a Fascist or compare anything to Fascism you'd be dealt with severely. Cjayc wants you to believe that he does this for good reasons, because no one deserves that comparison. He also insults you saying any one who does make that comparison has no knowledge of history. Way to protect your ass. Cjayc being the leader obviously represents Hitler. Then there are a select few in a class called Admin. If you contest a moderation, these people will review it, MOST likely side with the moderator (I've never heard of it going the other way around). The moderator could be dead wrong and the admin will STILL side with them (this I know from personal experience). I'll go more into detail about how flawed this is in my example. Simply put, the Admin could be compared to General Rommel except nowhere near as intelligent or strategic. Then you have the moderators themselves who can be compared to the Gestapo, the secret police. I tell you write now, I have never seen a more corrupt form of executive power than these people. What really seperates the Admin from the Moderators is the maturity factor. The Moderators more than often take sides, and join in the arguments themselves. And of course it is no surprise that the moderators are dimwits and when they see they are losing the arguement, THEN they mod you. Finally you have the regular posters. You can split them into two categories. MMA Whores and "Trolls". MMA whores kiss up to the moderators and look for every chance they have to mod some one, they're back stabbers and squealers. MMA means Marked Message Accuracy, strong is the highest ranking and this is what they aim for. I had strong and I can tell you, it does nothing. MMA doesn't mean anything. What MMA is really for is to encourage people to mark messages for moderation more often. Sadly the MMA Whores fall for this. These MMA Whores are the blind supporters of the Moderators, and it is their dream to become one. Then you have the only group of people (Besides the VIPs) who post on GameFAQS that are intelligent. Believe it or not, it is the trolls. They're funny, smart, talented, opinionated, targeted, and persecuted.
Let me show you an example now of the moderation system. Say some one calls me a moron and then I call him an idiot. We both mark each other for moderation. Marked messages apparently go to some inbox that the moderator reviews. The moderator usually picks a side and will mod one, but not the other. So he'll mod me for calling some one an idiot, but won't mod them for calling me a moron. Now you can contest this moderation. And when you do you write out what you have to say. Let us suppose that I wrote to the moderator, "Hey he called me a moron, and you didn't mod him." The moderator will usually respond with "You should have marked him for moderation then."

HELLO THAT'S WHAT I DID! You the have the option to contest this to an admin. Here's the biggest flaw in the system, you don't have the chance to write out another commect counter attacking the moderator's comment. Since the moderator has the last word, the admin thinks he has the better argument and will side with them. You'd think GameFAQS, would at least give you the option to counter what the moderator said, Ebay has a system like this when people leave negative feedback.
by Protoman84 November 10, 2004
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