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The heroin of the internet, bad, but so addicting. Full of pervs, trolls, suck-ups and general assholes.
Standard GameFAQs topic:

Poster 1: Guys, I neede your help. My parents are in hospital, and I feel bad that I wasn't there for them.
Poster 3: lolwtf ur agnstie u shud lissn 2 NFG n cut ur wrizts 2 Gud Charlett!!!111
Poster 4: OMG U MISSPELL'D 1 WURD GO AWEY U TORLL!!111111!!!1
Poster 5: This message was deleted at the request of a Moderator or Administrator
Poster 6: gawd ur suech a troell WTF?!111
Poster 7: did u seckz em in ohspitel??!?!?!//11
Poster 8: ur paerentz desirv 2 dye cuz tehy made u OLOLOLLLOLLOLO!!!11
Poster 1: Um, OK, you guys reading this should learn that asking for serious advice on GameFAQs would be the biggest mistake you'll ever make in your life.
by VCK June 17, 2005
A cretin; a moron; a complete and utter idiot. Name come's from the fact that their brain is mushy like sludge. May also be because they're so thick like sludge.
Ejemplo uno:
Person A: Yo, dude, can you help me put these M and M's in alphabetical order, man?
Person B: You can't, you sludgehead.

Ejemplo dos:
Person A: Dude, I'm gonna, like, take class A drugs so I can be popular and ruin my life..but that won't matter, because I'll be popular, dude!
Person B: Urgh...what a sludgehead!
by VCK October 23, 2005

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