A message board on the internet that has been destroyed by ignorant people, who call other people ignorant trolls. They constantly tell people that they're ignorant if they state a minor opinion. Look at examples for troll vs. non-troll. The game boards are flooded with fanboys who think that their games are gods. The social boards are invaded with losers(and the other kind by same pronounciation, if you know what I mean) who have no good life and live on the social boards. The Regs and Vets are often the rulers of either a gaming board or a social board, because they aren't good enough for the higher social boards.
User1: I think that Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was better than Ocarina of Time because the story was much more deeper, and that the dungeons were more challenging, although there were only 4 main dungeons. The sidequests did make up for the limited dungeons, too.

User2: You are an ignorant troll for posting this crap. You need to DIE because you think that MM is better than OoT. OoT is THE BEST ZELDA GAME with NO FLAWS. Limited sidequests in OoT is a bunch of BS. Go back to your troll cave, troll. *Mods u lolz*

User1: hey i just played wind waker bc my friends said it was good. well, i didnt really like it that much bc the game was waay too short compared to the rest of the series. i hope that the next game will be better!

User2: There is NO such thing as a short Zelda game. You're a blind troll just bashing tWW because you think its graphics were kiddy. Admit it, you KNOW it's true that you think the graphics were kiddy! C'mon! ADMIT IT!

User1: no i actually liked the graphi--
andor3: STFU you troll.
by Lance9384 June 11, 2005
the most horrible place in the world

where gamefaqs moderators delete your posts when u try to voice out your opinion
i got 10 karma deleted for voicing my opinion
by anonymous August 24, 2004
It's that place where Sailor Bacon Axed me twice for submitting a fake review.
"GameFAQs is like fish. Except it's not a water thing."

"I bet I could eat an apple better than GameFAQs could."
by Cait Sith Fortune March 24, 2005
Where I've been modded more times than I can count.... still a fun place to be though. Also a place where some boards are overrun with trolls that can't spell.
User 1: Hey, I have a question. If you put really hot butter in a chick's clit, will it burn her?

User 2: No shit. What in the fuck are YOU smoking?

User 3: Yes.

User 4: OMFG teh LOLZ yu n00b wtfwtfwtf dpsht mothrfcker yu sck bitch

User 1: Thanks!

User 2: Dumbass....

Mod: *moderates Users 2 and 4*

User 2: What the fuck? Dipshit! In Soviet Russ-*gets shot*
by Seefu Sefirosu July 23, 2005
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