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Jamaican/rasta slang for "go along," meaning behave. Popularized by the incomparable M.I.A.
Ref: http:// /patois.txt, http:// /glossary.html
"Galang bout yuh business" : "Go along about you business"
"Why yu fe galang so"? : "why must you behave in such a manner?"
by j3r November 01, 2005
Commonly inverted as "lang-ga" or rhythmicized as "lang-ga-langa."

1. Marijuana; either a specific strain or cannabis in general. Or being under the influence of said marijuana.

2. Cool, laid back. A Jamaican version of the common (African-)Americanism "cool," with a more nuanced meaning.

3. Far superior, but cool about it.

4. Antagonized without reciprocating or retaliating.
1. Blazin' that galang.

2. She's pure galang under stress.

3. She hit those rhythms like mad, but she's pure galang 'bout it.

4. They keep hatin', but she's still lang-ga.
by applerouge January 03, 2007
1) Weed
2) A Vietnamese refugee camp
3) A Vietnam island
1)Blaze a blaze Galang galang galang, purple haze, galang
2)The refugees were held in Galang.
by M-I-A September 24, 2005
Translated as go along: too blessed to be stressed especially on people hating on you.
You a Real top a toppa
no careless lappa
no gyal can't step in a you shoes
Let go a passa passa
let them a chatta
no gyal can't hotta than you (Galang Gyal)
Whop dem one by one. (Galang Gyal)
top dem two by two. (Galang Gyal)
drop dem three by three. (Galang Gyal)
from you know seh you (Galang Gyal)
spin your roll gyal big up unnu chest. (Galang Gyal)
when you touch the road ah pure stress. (Galang Gyal)
you always wear (Galang Gyal)
and you no care if a gyal wan vex. (Galang Gyal)
by peace of mind August 21, 2005
1) A refugee camp
2) An island in Vietnam
3) A crazy tite song by M.I.A
I grew up in a galang during the war.

Blaze a blaze, in Galang Galang Galang, purple haze, in galang galang galang.
by Frizziky May 15, 2005
ADJ. Something ill, dope, hot, awesome, phat, off the hizook!
"Damn son, you're new whip is mad galang!"
by j/dawg February 20, 2006
to ejaculate like a naval cannon when seeing something pleasant.
Jim galanged and knocked Tina into next week!
by John Pattison June 02, 2005
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