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One's movement, or the way they walk. Or the white version of "swag"
Daaaaamn son, Mark has nice gait!

by MarkkkyyMark September 21, 2011
(as a Verb) to gait- to obstruct or displace ones usual walk (or gait) by means of rough anal sex. i.e. to ass-fuck someone so hard they walk funny.
After I gaited this chick last night she walked like she was smuggling drugs through the airport.
by Mr. Sizzler March 12, 2015
The pace or movement as someone walks, also used to describe the movement of horses (walk, trot, Tolt and canter)
Tinker bell has quite a fast Gait for a small pony.
by H0ŕşë April 03, 2016
guy or like some guys say: gay
A weird guy living in Den Ham City, trying to own in a game called CS but don't succeed. He is just a big n00b.
by Rik December 21, 2004
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