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one word describes it all. WOW. that's all it its. a simple WOW.
boy 1 : "oh look it's Gaile"

boy 2 : "WOW"
by melogs101 May 27, 2010
a whore who thinks of her as very unique kind of girl but is just very ordinary and LAME. collects lots of boys secretly while she has a boyfriend and poses on internet sites like she's madly in love with him. a real kind of shit that came to life. ugh!
Boy1: You know Gaile?
Boy2: Course, I just slept with her last night.
by StevenCadders May 24, 2010
In the Phillippinnes, Gaile is another way of saying lame.
Your car still has manual powered windows? Thats so Gaile.
by Marc Clavo March 24, 2006

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