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A website that many users call home. It is most likely the forum with the most drama between its users, but they always come back. Usually abbreviated to GP.

Very addicting site about a book series called Gone.

Forum chat regulars call themselves Phagers, and are generally known to be insane and dirty minded.
Today on, we were talking about which was better, team Caine or team Sam.

Today on GP, we were talking about a drunk uncle who dances on tables at weddings and how well he would do in the book with Caine and Sam...

(Caine and Sam are two characters from the Gone series by Michael Grant)

Today we were debating whether it is possible to be "killed to death."
by Mwahahaha42 November 14, 2010
A fansite for the GONE series, by Michael Grant. Is known to contain crazy theories and generally wacky people.
Today on we were talking about what would happen to Caine and Diana if...
by IOwnSarcasm November 02, 2010
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