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The effect that occurs when hearing songs that you tend to absolutely despise, but find yourself oddly captivated by it, unable to resist listening, change the track / station, or turn off the audio device. You may sometimes find yourself going so far as to seek the song out to listen to it (or maybe even sing along) after hearing it mentioned.
Ah, shit. It's that horrible song by Ke$ha again. Don't you fuckin' touch that dial. The GaGa Effect has kicked in... and... I... can't... stop... listening...
by Tafthulhu September 29, 2010
The act when a songs acoustic verison is better than the original. The epicness that is achieved by few artist other than lady gaga
Have you heard Eva simmons silly boy acoustic verison? IT has the Gaga Effect
by mychael K. June 05, 2010
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