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a very complicated trick where a man tapes their weiner down and then makes terrible Top 40 pop/dance songs while pretending to be a woman while looking like a muppet
Adam Lambert tried to pull The Lady Gaga before American Idol.

Seriously though, Gaga is a dude.
by JOSEPH ELTON February 16, 2010
23 9
Where you precisely jizz on your girlfriend's face in the shape of a lightning bolt
#1: Dude, I totally did the Lady Gaga on my girlfriend last night but I got all my jizz in her eye.

#2: Bummer
by frankatank117 May 12, 2011
1 0
When you're fucking this girl and all of a sudden you see her dick / clit / penis / vagina.
JDAWG: "Aye man i was fuckin this hoe last night"
M$ : "Shit broooo."
JDAWG: "Yeah but then i saw she pulled the lady gaga on me"
M$: "damn bro lemme get that."
by sexy_buns January 16, 2010
2 4