(G)et (Y)ourself (T)ested after you have unproteceted sex.
Hey! Um Jessica, it's Joe from prom. I just found out have herpes you should get yourself tested (GYT) just in case.
by loismustdie2009 April 04, 2009
As All Time Low has made obvious to the public today April 1, 2009...GYT means
"Get Yourself Tested." April is STD month, and on a serious note (Although Atl
makes a joke out of it many times) All Time Low is asking everyone to get
tested..For the good of themselves and friends/lovers.

Go GYT! It really can make a huge difference
by <3KK April 21, 2009
GYT (acronym,verb) : Get Yourself Tested. To suggest that someone else test their sexual status for sexually transmitted diseases
"Victor| Yo man did you fuck Becky last night?

Jason| Hell yea we didn't even need to use condom. We just went all out it was so hot.

Victor| Yo Becky is a slut you should GYT man...
by Roxanna Caulfield May 30, 2011
Gyts means Glad You Think/Thought So:) It's pretty cool! It's not meant to be sarcastic, so...
Kim: I love your hat.
Lil Joe: Why thank you Kim, gyts.
by Lil Gyts November 01, 2010
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