Noun: A two-door hatchback made by volkswagen noted as the "sport model" of the Golf line. GTi stands for "Grand Touring Injection", making light of the fuel injection system used on the first models in the 1970's. The GTi is the originator of the terms "Hot Hatch" and "Pocket Rocket", with many auto manufacturers following suit creating cheap knock-offs upon the GTI's arrival in the States in 1983. Always immitated, never duplicated. Known for crisp handling, brisk acceleration and quality material build, for relative low cost.
I kicked the snot out of some tool in a rice rocket with my trusty 1991 GTI with 175,000 miles. And it still looks sharp, too.
by deutsch October 08, 2003
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Volkswagen's sexy ass, high performance hatchback. The ricers' worst nightmare. Stands for "Grand Touring Injection," but also can stand for "Get Turbo, Idiot" as you whiz by a Honda Civic.
Mah GTI is bettah than yo rice bowl on fo wheels, foo!
by 1.8T May 03, 2004
GTi the straight coolest of all hatchbacks.
The Original Master.
My car and the car you want.
VW's Masterpeice.
My Gti will smoke your POS rice like a fatty blunt
by Drunkalist October 28, 2004
- The quintessential hatch back of the 21st century. Known for the genocide of Hondas and punk ass asian kids who think Civics are cool.
I raced this guy in a Civic last night, yeah that Mr. Rizzo got his ass kicked!
by VWguy February 20, 2005
VW's sweet hatchback
We were rollin in my friends GTi 1.8t, crushin rice all night long.
by Arin Ahnell February 10, 2003
The hottest and most well known hatchback ever built. Also known for lasting forever and always running like it's brand new.
My GTI with 200,000 miles still smokes all those crappy ass civics.
by gti February 16, 2008
"Going through it" Generally describing the feeling one has during a night of extreme partying, almost always under the effects of some sort of party drug. Does NOT mean over dose, but sometimes the initial overwhelming feeling.
Don't worry gurl just has GTI!
by Toronto.Now November 20, 2010
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