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- The quintessential hatch back of the 21st century. Known for the genocide of Hondas and punk ass asian kids who think Civics are cool.
I raced this guy in a Civic last night, yeah that Mr. Rizzo got his ass kicked!
by VWguy February 20, 2005
To put on a condom, jimmy hat, rubber, etc...
Did you wrap it up, you don't want to get gonnoherpesyphilaids?
by VWguy February 20, 2005
Often contracted from dirty whores, Or 75% of Brownsburg High School's Senior Class. Often confused with herpegonnosyphiltitis but is far more deadly. This, a true combination of all STDs is often found lingering about any gay bar.
Damn, I boinked this bitch I heard she was dirty, all I thought I was going to get was herpegonnosyphiltitis but I got gonnoherpesyphilaids instead!
by VWguy February 20, 2005
dubdash (dub dash) - The killer road rallye for Vee-Dubs and Audi automobiles.
My boys and I from ├╝berdubs are going to Dubdash.
by VWguy September 28, 2005
A female who is attractive but no one knows if they are a whore.
Amber, the movie vendor, she is one fine scooch ass.
by VWguy February 21, 2005

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