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2 definitions by 1.8T

Volkswagen's sexy ass, high performance hatchback. The ricers' worst nightmare. Stands for "Grand Touring Injection," but also can stand for "Get Turbo, Idiot" as you whiz by a Honda Civic.
Mah GTI is bettah than yo rice bowl on fo wheels, foo!
by 1.8T May 03, 2004
World's most prestigous hoe-down pop-star. Well known for the "oh-shit-they're-playing-the-wrong-song dance." Pop stars are usually notorious for lip-synching, but they don't go on interviews to talk down upon it, and get caught doing it on national TV afterwards.
The younger one is confused about her singing, and the older one is confused about whether chicken of the sea is really chicken or fish.
by 1.8T October 28, 2004