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Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools. widely known for its hott girls and the educational priority of highschool athletics over everything. Also noted as the "drug running" school of the 2006-2007 school year.
At GTACS your child will join a click and sign up for a sport or be an absolute outcast.

by the way we are better then every one because we believe in God and have a nice football team.

remember: faith, family,atheltics I mean academics!
#grand #traverse #area #catholic #schools
by Josef Campbell August 17, 2008
An acronym used on instant messenger. Stands for "Gotta Take A Crap."
ChurlSux: So did I tell you how good this stoner rock album is?
Johnny L83K: No, not yet. Which one?
ChurlSux: The new Light The Fuse & Run. BRB GTAC.
#aim #im #chat #ichat #instant messenger #lol #brb #online #internet #acronyms
by GullibleZine March 06, 2007
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