The one board that houses the coolest posters on GameFAQs. Contains n00bs and other people but still kick ass
I love the GTA3SB
by Slackerbob June 25, 2003
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The biggest mistake I ever made.
by CJayC September 22, 2003
One of the only boards on wordGameFAQsword worth going to. Contains some n00bs like Chuckyhacks or TDD the Greatest and Videogameking.
Also called the Grand Theft Auto 3 Social Board
The only reason I go to GameFAQs is because of the GTA3SB
by Chipmunkman October 10, 2003
the board where dreams come to play, and win!
the gta3sb kicked your ass
by Olaf January 26, 2004
The best board on GameFAQs.Now has it's nam,e changed to VCSB, but still has the heart of the GTA3SB.
Long live the GTA3SB!
by benyboy October 12, 2003
Were cool people go.
GTA3SB is c00'
by Viper August 15, 2003
Your Life is a complete and total failure.
I 4m th3 1337!!!111oneoneone
by LUE Ass HOLE February 23, 2004

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