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The biggest mistake I ever made.
by CJayC September 22, 2003
12 8

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The one board that houses the coolest posters on GameFAQs. Contains n00bs and other people but still kick ass
I love the GTA3SB
by Slackerbob June 25, 2003
3 5
One of the only boards on wordGameFAQsword worth going to. Contains some n00bs like Chuckyhacks or TDD the Greatest and Videogameking.
Also called the Grand Theft Auto 3 Social Board
The only reason I go to GameFAQs is because of the GTA3SB
by Chipmunkman October 10, 2003
1 5
the board where dreams come to play, and win!
the gta3sb kicked your ass
by Olaf January 26, 2004
3 8
The best board on GameFAQs.Now has it's nam,e changed to VCSB, but still has the heart of the GTA3SB.
Long live the GTA3SB!
by benyboy October 12, 2003
1 7
Were cool people go.
GTA3SB is c00'
by Viper August 15, 2003
2 10
Your Life is a complete and total failure.
I 4m th3 1337!!!111oneoneone
by LUE Ass HOLE February 23, 2004
1 10