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noun - detective
I'm a cop you idiot! I'm detective john kimble!
by olaf February 26, 2004
Zambian rapper who calls himself Dj M-bomb.Now living in sweden
i am m-bomb
by Olaf November 28, 2003
M-bomb:member of the Wild Dogs Squad. Does everithing a wild dog can do to you
Kick your ass!!
by Olaf November 28, 2003
an idiot, an arsehole, someone who's annoyingly stupid
michael cram, you are a total wankpilot
by olaf February 26, 2004
Where two monkeys fight to the death with knives. Modern day monkeys tend to use guns, fire, and atomic bombs.
Buddy Christ fought Olaf in a monkey knife fight.
by Olaf February 16, 2005
the board where dreams come to play, and win!
the gta3sb kicked your ass
by Olaf January 26, 2004
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